Scotland Learning Solutions provides a wide range of information on effective e-learning courses for individuals and businesses, listing a network of training partners and the Internet. Centres are often located in, and run by, Further Education Colleges, libraries, private training providers and community-led projects ...

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Here at the Scotland Learning Solutions service you will find information about how we can support you in modernising services and improving patients care with the NHS. We work closely with Grounds for Learning and Learning a language to improve your learning potential. The website also contains examples of improving practice that we know about, techniques to help you change the way that you work, tips on how to transfer or adopt new practices and links to networks that are already developed.


See our Engineering and Construction sector workforce development Case Study outlining our Marketing Strategy and employer engagement project with the Learning & Skills Council.

Quality jars that can be purchased online.

We work in close partnership with our clients by offering: Well developed and effective consulting skills in the arenas of people management and performance and business strategy A wide range of spanish lessons skill development workshops using a variety of methods, including modern experiential techniques such as the involvement of professional actors. These events are available either specifically tailored to the needs of your business and its people or open events on key generic learning topics We focus our professional expertise and experience in the following core skill areas: Courseware & Subject.


Intensive corporate language training and private language lessons - all levels.


Learning a language website, is an online resource designed to offer advice and information about leading language learning software. Please use the site to find information and resources for language learning, the products available, information on the companies who develop the software and recommended places to buy the software.